How many of your five a day do you get?

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  • More than five

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3/4? Really should start doing more salads at lunch.

have at least 3 pieces of fruit at lunch, probably another after dinner and usually 2/3 veg at dinner.


Sometimes tonnes, sometimes none. During periods of ‘none’ I sometimes wonder how I don’t die

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probably 1-2 most days :confused: sometimes more but i never keep it up

Either none or loads, no imbetweens

Is potato being counted? And someone up there mentioned fruit – is fruit being counted too?

Can we get some clarification on these points? Can’t answer until I know what we’re talking about.

Potato is a vegetable so yes, especially if fried because oil is also a vegetable

love how @tilly gets 0, 1 and 2 a day

Uh oh, here we go again :joy:

Potatoes aren’t counted

Thank you. And the fruit question?

Make your own rules up be free

you can’t tell me what to do

Hi Robbi,

In the UK the arbitrary five a day refers to five different servings of fruit and/or vegetables. We are aware that the number is higher in your fine land.

Hope you are having a nice evening,

My Dear Esteemed Balonz, Esq.

Please accept my profuse thanks for your clarification of this otherwise confounding issue. Having the full information now at my disposal, I can answer the original question with the utmost confidence and certainty: it depends.

Yours most sincerely,


Some grade A marckeeing in here


fruit is counted, provided it’s different fruits.