How many of your meals do you eat alone?


Not unusual for me recently to do my 21 meals in a week all alone. Apparently it’s not very healthy for you, both mentally and probably for digesting. I certainly wolf it down when sitting alone. Probably don’t savour it either.

Saying That, there can be something lovely about having an intense final 10 minute burst of cooking, pile up a plate and sit down with a tea towel over your shoulder and a stain on your t shirt.

Please answer the thread question. You probably eat in front of the tv.



I eat 26 meals a week
10-12 are alone


5 a week

Lunch, as far away from people as possible. It’s probably my favourite bit of the day, definitely the best bit between 8-6.


Where are the extra 5 coming from?


Depends how we’re defining “eating alone”


Yeah most nights we’ll both eat in the dining room


95% at a guess


10 out of 21 alone


I have an extra meal each working day cos I work 1- 9 so have breakfast & lunch before work, my work meal around 5 and then I eat again when I get home around 9:30


Alone meals.
Breakfast and lunch in the working week - 10
Breakfast on a weekend if I’m riding bikes - 1
Dinner on Monday when I have football - 1
Dinner on Wednesday when my gf has netball - 1
13 total

Then maybe 6 meals with my girlfriend and 2 with other people per week


Https:// ah fuck it


Probably 5 in the dining room, 1 on the sofa per week, ish


Do pets / roombas count?


As long as you both eat on the floor or table


depends how big they are to constitute a ‘meal’



that’s barely a snack


Hardly any.


pretty much all of them, except when I’m out with other people

eat breakfast in bed
other meals mostly at my desk