How many of your meals do you eat alone?

I only eat cereal at the minute

I would not eat, say, toast in bed

I don’;t get the significance of eating meals alone/with an other. Eating is just a biological need for the body, you could also ask “how many breaths do you take alone” or “how many shits do you do alone” as an equally irrelevant and meaningless question.

I can go on, and I will: it’s very well asking these kinds of questions, but do you consider what you might be looking for in the responses and what they might mean, and to what end exactly?

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None. I’m extraordinarily popular.


Most of them through out the year. Maybe 98%

alright Cher.

in answer to the question - none really, unless you count the bit of toast I eat whilst making the packed lunches of a morning - MrS is generally in the next room though so it’s not home alone.

sigh. All of them now. Every single fucking mouthful.

I live alone and mostly work from home so

On paper, eating with my family should be a joyous experience. In practice it involves an exhausting negotiation procedure with a surly 3 year over the number of mouthfuls deemed acceptable to both of us while a baby sits there smashing toast and cucumber onto his own head while shouting.
I prefer eating alone


Working from home is, conversely, why I eat no meals alone, and even if I am alone at home for whatever reason then the dog is there and she is not a very calm dining companion. It’s okay though, because I am exceptionally needy and eating alone makes me feel really sad for some reason.

breakfast, dinner 1, dinner 2, supper

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alright @thewarn


Not nearly enough