How many olives would you say it would be acceptable to eat in one sitting?


25, I reckon



olives are shit


Bloody love an olive. But 25 seems like too many. I’d go with around 8-10?


was EXACTLY what i was going to post when i saw the thread title

got a toastie from Eat the other day and it had olives in it, was so disappointed. doubly so as i was on the phone with mrs_t_england when i was picking it up off the shelf, read out the ingredients which included olives and somehow didn’t register that thois meant it’d have olives in it.


All the olives


we really need a dislike button


25 seems quite a lot, 10-15 i reckon


8 olives!? In one sitting. No way. Get stuck in. 25+ is perfectly acceptable in a snacking scenario.


Also it depends on the size of the olives. Those small tinned ones I could eat 25 of easily. 25 Gordals? Abso-certainly not.


I reckon I could eat 25 small olives in one mouthful nevermind sitting


I’m thinking of nicely marinated, decent-sized olives. 8-10 large olives would be ideal. Any more and I’d begin to feel remorseful.


Half a jar


Probably around 10-15 for me.
30+ if they’re the sicilian kind


Word for word. Like putting greasy salty bollox in your mouth.


2 jars of the grim cheap tescos stuff while downing shots of vodka and wondering where it all went wrong


I love the little small hazel ones you get in Liguria and the south of France. 25 is a reasonable amount for those. Also because they tend to be gently marinated tasting more like olive oil than brine


As many olives as there are available, any variety, any flavouring


You’re not alone.

(Although you fucking should be)

Foods you used to really dislike, but have come around to

Those little olives you get in restaurants and stuff - probably 12

Big queen olives - can only really eat 3 max but they’re fucking good.