How many other people's calendars have you got showing

in outlook.
As in, ticked and displaying at all times?
I have 11,including mine (obvs!)
My colleagues find this weird and stalkerish.
This is probably weird and an outdated way of working and stuff but fu, I wanna know if people in my and other teams are free to contact without pissing about?!

None. That would be weird and stalkerish


So, presumably you have a list of people in your my calendars list that you tick, so you can see if they are free when you need to arrange to call or meet with them?

I use the meeting scheduler for that. If I need to get in touch with them immediately, I look at their Skype status.

I also have 17500 emails just in my inbox, which is actually the best way to work.
Gonna invite all the people that have mocked me for this to a party by my desk when I hit 20,000, and call IT, to tell them the good news

  1. Always 3.

Line Report

I’m too far in!
“Oh, I’ll just settle down with a cuppa and go through those 17.5k emails and clear some of them out”

One - for a shared mailbox account

none because this isn’t a thing


three including mine. my team, basically

2 Directors
1 Meeting room

My calendar
My boss’
Three meeting rooms
My team’s attendance
Office-wide holidays
Public holidays

Just my boss.

No ones because I’m not weird

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I have a few sitting there unticked. But ticking them is fucking pointless round my way, to be tbh. Cos no-one can use their calendar properly. Cos the default for people’s accounts here is to not show any information about the item in their calendar. So when people put something in, like a meeting or whatever, they invariably don’t mark it as them being busy, so it just shows up as ‘free’. Which they invariably aren’t. Except they might be, cos it might not be a meeting, it might just be a reminder they’ve added to their calendar. But there’s no way of knowing cos the default setting hides the title/subject. But even if that information were to hand, half the meetings people end up having aren’t in their calendar anyway. Great stuff.

& the people that don’t remove cancelled meetings from their calendar. Just a day full of empty white boxes – little tombstones to boredoms past

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Just mark up my whole day as busy most days