How many pairs of shoes do you own (chat if you like)

Turn to the left!

I thought about putting something other than fashion (smart/casual/leisure) but just went with fashion as a catch-all term for “I bought them because I thought they looked good”.

Not going to list them.but it’s probably well over 30

Never been able to get on with wearing trainers outside of going for a run/kickabout. Just doesn’t look right with any of the stuff I wear, even if they’re black. Oh well.

Adidas trainers
converse x 3
loafers x 4
Black ankle boots
Red keds
Hunter wellies
high heels x 3
black brogues x 3
Doc martens
Black suede shoes
vans x 3
Brown brogues x 3
Blue brogues

Fucks sake… this is someone who thought they didn’t have many shoes :confused:

housemate is the same. has only worn those stupid chukka shoes for the 8 years I’ve known him. don’t understand, as trainers are infinitely more comfortable and practical.

1 Business shoes (Black Leather)
1 Social shoes (Brown Leather)

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brown shoes
black shoes

Smart shoes x 3
Casual shoes x 3
Everyday trainers x 4
Football boots/trainers x 3
Running shoes x 2
Golf shoes x 1

Boots x 4
Black flat work shoes x 3
Sketchers (go walk) x 3
Trainers, gym
Trainers, outside use
Snowboard boots
Court shoes / Mary Janes x 6
Stilettos / wedding shoes x 5
Plimsolls x 5
Sandals x 2

I don’t even like shoes

cycling shoes x3
walking boots x1
running trainers x1
golf shoes x1
smart boots x1
cas boots x1
steel toecaps x1
trainers x3
cheapest of the cheap job interview shoes x1
cowboy boots x1

I am just trying to purchase a pair of shoes online from a website called it looks like a legitimate website but I cant find any reviews for it or info about it at all on google, should I risk it?


2x Running Trainers
2x Vans
2x Hi-tops
2x Cycling shoes
1x Boots
1x Black brogues
1x Kilt shoes
1x extremely scabby, mingin’ trainers for the garden n stuff
1x cowboy boots

Easily own 40-50 pairs of shoes. I have 4 pairs in my work drawer alone

1x black shoes
1x brown brogues
2x converse (one hi-top, one lo)
2x nice trainers
2x scruffy trainers
1x running trainers
1x nipping to the bins trainers (backs trodden down, etc, etc)
1x doc martens
1x safety boots
1x walking boots

Got a pair of flip flops for holiday too, if they count.

1 x Clarks Desert Boots
1 x Clarks Wallabees
1 x Clarks Natalie
1 x Clarks/YMC Penny Loafers
1 x Doc Martens Boots
1 x Common Projects Boots
1 x Nike Roshe Runs
1 x New Balance 999s
1 x ASICS Gel Lyte IV
1 x Nike Inneva Woven
1 x Addidas Rod Laver
1 x Nike Mayfly Woven
1 x MHL/Wilson Trainer
1 x Addidas/Raf Simmons Ozweego
1 x Trickers Brogues

Maybe more, hard to keep track.