How many peels does it take you to peel a fruit?

I was just eating a banana at my desk and I thought to myself “woah, I’ve peeled this banana four times!!!”, and then I thought to myself again “woah, I always do that!!!”, and THEN I thought that this was a perfect thread for the community to engage with on a Friday afternoon.

I reckon I could probably peel it in two or three, but four feels quite satisfying so moving forward I’m going to continue peeling it four times.

How many peels does it take for you to peel a banana? What about other fruit? Anyone a wizard and can peel an easy peeler in one long peel? Let me know please.

Weird that some people say unpeel isn’t it, Bergers?

I’ll do an apple in one or two. I invest in quality peelers. Keep one in the car. That’s my hint.

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I agree, that is strange.

I like the idea of someone saying they ‘unfurl’ a banana though.

I often do this and it ends up looking like an elephant with trunk and big ears, or cock and balls if you prefer.

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Other than flags or penises not much gets unfurled.

I prefer elephant and I resent your assumption that I would prefer cock and balls thank you very much!

IF you prefer, no assumptions here. I’ll put you down for elephant, Balonz down for unfurled cock and balls.


Really thought this thread was a perfect blend of universality and inanity that would play well with the community. Shame.

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Ask what type of peelers people prefer to use. The sideways ones or the downwards ones.

If you’re not using a y peeler you’re dead to me

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These people are capricious, unpredictable scum. Never forget that.

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Here is a picture of my nephew peeling a sausage as if it was a banana in an unsuccessful attempt to convince his mother that he was eating fruit


They certainly do a good job of reminding me on a daily basis

What gave it away?

Probably the fact that his mother had cooked and served him sausages

I can see how she might therefore realise that he was eating a sausage and not a banana.

Why was your nephew trying to convince his mother than he was eating fruit?

Cause he’s a little stinker!

ever do that thing where you stick your finger in the end of a peeled banana and gingerly push it along so it splits the banana into three segments and then you can mess about reassembling the banana?

ever do that?

I don’t like eating bananas