How many people do you personally know with a Wikipedia page?

I would say 3 - 1 tenuously

All as rugby players

Dunno, haven’t checked, but I’m guessing zero.

Three that I can immediately think of, two of whom share a joint one.

wachowski sisters?

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Didn’t know you were pals with The Krankies.

Dare I ask how you met…?

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Three close family members. Two for camogie, one for football.

oh wait, one more, also GAA related

Loads. All sporty or musically people.

Not sure how far putting on gigs means that I ‘personally know’ someone, but if it’s a fair bit, then maybe a couple of dozen?

Quite a few hockey players, too.

A fair few. Pretty much all academics. They love being on Wikipedia, that lot.


Two - guy from my class at school is a pro ice hockey player and my great uncle was a writer (if that counts, never met him and he’s dead now)

After scrolling through my phone contacts, I found the following were on Wikipedia (and it surprised me how many there were):

and then I got bored of looking…

one (1)

used to be my landlord. wrote a book about religion. probably made the wiki page himself.

can’t remember his name.


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died before I was born but my great aunt’s got a pretty fucking sweet wikipedia page


I get around…

Lost touch with all these people, but I would say - 10?

yep. Probably know 10 ten or so

what is mark lamarr actually up to these days? We were talking about him on here a wee while ago I think.