How many people do you think you have spoken to?


It’s all in the title really.


are we including digital messaging (texts, electronic mail, sms messages) or purely spoken language?






A hundred thousand? Maybe?


Far, far too many.


Words from lips




Actually this is too low, I’ve worked in customer-facing jobs and stuff.


I reckon at least 60


Yeah someone who has worked in retail or a pub or something must be the world champion or maybe the Queen (talking to a large crowd does not count).


Often think of starting a spreadsheet to try and list everyone I’ve ever met


An airport bar or something, they won’t have many regulars, but will always be busy.


I would struggle. I was asked about someone I used to work with and I didn’t have a clue who they were, after much thought I managed to remember and it was someone who was my line manager… only ten years back.


500,000 i reckon

i’m sure i’ve done bar shifts before where i’ve easily spoken to 500 people in a day. especially at festivals where it’s literally take order, pick up pre-poured drinks and hand them over, take order, ad infinitum


got to be at least 100


at least 101


2 or 3 at least


I think the question is have any of us ever really spoken to someone? Really?


Yes, once.