How many people (excluding other DiSers, obvs) know you post on DiS?

  • None
  • One or two
  • A few people
  • Lots of people

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The only people who know I post on DiS are:

  • Mrs CCB
  • A friend of mine who’s met a few DiSers (at things like Retrospectacular)

That’s it. Though I’m sure a few colleagues have seen it on my computer screen.

My friend who worked for the charity we donated some surplus hardship money to. That’s it.

Quite a few tbh given my (now defunct) work 11-a-side team has played matches against DiS several times

I hope no one. I suspect given the amount of information I give away there might be a few lurkers out there who know me. Hi :wave:

Boss, colleagues, God

Mrs Funky doesn’t know you post?

Good god no.


Many years ago i posted my last fm and someone from my sixth form was like hi (my name) and i was shocked. Don’t think he posted much but still, felt like my secret internet lifestyle was exposed

Maybe a few, it’s not like it’s a secret. Had strong suspicions that my mate Phil is a lurker for a while but I’m not sure.

I’m an oversharer in real life too so it doesn’t really matter.

What does she think you are doing all the time on your phone etc?

Dunno, games, watching football etc I guess. It’s never come up.

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Our relationship is built on a lie

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So mrS, kids if they count. Went to see an old work colleague a while back, like from 13 years ago and he was like, do you still go on drowned in sound?? And do you still like the coral??? :smile::smile: So…hi Chris if you’re lurking!!


I’ve probably told this story before but I once got a PM from a former schoolmate on here. I’d told a story about how in school she’d been sick in a mixing bowl* during our Christmas play, and I’d used her full name. She found the post after having Googled herself and messaged me saying “I’ve been trying my whole life to forget about that moment!” or words to that effect.

I had to get Theo to delete the post, which was quite an undertaking in those days.

* not sure why she had a mixing bowl. Presumably because they knew she was gonna hurl.


Oh also my mate Keef used to be an occasional poster on here though I don’t think he posts any more. Hi Keef!

well, do you?

Gonna be a full day’s work making fake accounts for all these mates you’re all mentioning.


Did I ever tell you that I’m good friends with the chief operating officer of a well known telecoms firm?

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Genuinely forgot about that one for a minute.

My wife - she used to think it was weird and probably disapproved (it has been generally negative for my career I guess) but since she first got pregnant she got really into her own mums forum (NOT Mumsnet I hasten to add) so know she understands. She quite often asks me to ask stuff here, holiday advice etc.

Have a few friends who know because I’ve been doing this shit since uni but it doesn’t ever come up I don’t think.

I sit on a row of desks behind my boss and the other day had the shock of my life when I saw DiS on his screen - thought he must have twigged from all the times he’s walked past and spotted it. Then I realised he could’ve been looking at any Discourse forum, so fingers crossed he was just looking up his own niche shit.