How many people have you met

do you think?

Like ever.

Let’s say meeting means you have said more to them than “morning” or “excuse me” or “thanks” at the checkout etc.

  • 0
  • less than 1000
  • 1-2000
  • 2-5000
  • 5-10,000
  • 10-50,000
  • 50-100,000
  • 100-500,000
  • 500-1 mil
  • more than 1 mil

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V interesting

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honestly I have no idea. Could be less than 1000 or could be a million for me

I think i probably answered accurately but I’m probably way off. I have racked up a shitload through doing job interviews etc though

Apparently there’s over 700,000 people in Northants. Where the hell are they all?!

Probably they’re indoors

unless they’re birds right?

(nice reference huh)

Haha! You’re not wrong there, mate!

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It’s probably quite a few isn’t it?

  • everyone I met at school
  • everyone I met at uni
  • various people I’ve met at various churches
  • everyone I’ve met in various jobs over the years (including providing face to face advice for seven years)
  • neighbours
  • etc etc

I was at uni for a bit, reckon I met maybe like 300 people maybe? Times that for 10 years and doctors have only met 3000 people!

Once an average has been established I’ll be the region below that


more than i’d like


fourteen billion at least


10,000 is one a day for 27 years which seems loads?

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puts it all into perspective doesn’t it

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Some days you meet like 50 people though, you know?

A third are in Northampton, poor blighters

great town tbf

I guess the first day of uni I found out the A level subjects of about 50 people