How many people in this picture of Band Aid 20 can you name

Bands will do for some of the lesser known people


48 people to get, some band names will count for more than 1

oh fuck this, Have A Cheeky Christmas is on TV right now

The Darkness (Dan Hawkins, Justin Hawkins, Frankie Poullain and…some other guy)

5 down

Odd name


i mean a higher quality image would be nice.


I believe some of them are members of Turin Brakes

Possibly as many as 38


Travis and Feeder are both there too, as is Ms Dynamite.

yeah so would having a million quid

Snow patrol are there twice

41 to get

only one of Feeder got the call
36 to get

FIVE of the Patrollers are there

31 to get

Oh that’s Busted front left isn’t it.

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I know who they all are.

Except two, but imagine a higher res picture would solve that.

Estelle. Will Young. Katie Melua

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Bedingfield x 2

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No chance with some of them got the whole of the bottom row until the ones on the far right that look like Travis but it’s very

Staring George Costanza GIF

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Dizzee Rascal. Didn’t he do the Bono bit? iconic.

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