How many people in this picture of Band Aid 20 can you name

theres no way bob geldoff would recognise grant nicholas in the street, even tho hes sat here with his arm round him like hes known him for a hundred years. fucking poser

Didn’t want to dirty my keyboard with the Moloko singer’s name.

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But enough about Grant


I know. I love Grant. I’m sorry.

Grant. I’m sorry.

he didnt mean it grant, i know you’ll be reading this

tried looking closer and it got all pixellated

Drink more water

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I didn’t, Grant, you and your beautiful bird-like hair just got caught in the crossfire of my excitement.

Here’s one, if there was a Band Aid 39 this year, who’d be invited back from that lot?

please no diss tracks of our beloved community member Alan Recommendations on the next Feeder record :crossed_fingers:


radiohead. dizzee rascal. sugababes. busted. the darkness. neil hannon. snow patrol.

But the OGs, yeah? Here for that.

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not with what hes been up to

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Comedy Central Mm GIF by Workaholics

Turin Brakes and The Thrills obviously


Exciting new band Starsailor. Midge loves 'em.

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They’re all Black Country New Road.


Band 20 New Aid

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Oh god, The 1975 would be nailed on.