How many people in this picture of Band Aid 20 can you name

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Can’t remember this one at all

In December 2014, Ebola survivor, William Pooley, described the song as “cultural ignorance” and “cringeworthy”. Bob Geldof responded by saying “Please. It’s a pop song. Relax.” He also said that those critical of the lyrics could “fuck off”.

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look how soggy charlie from busteds trousers are

not in this thread please

oh shit yeah forgot he’s a wrongun cannot keep up

Yet his fellow Bustee checks notes Thomas, appears to have arrived in a pair of short trousers.

What are we even meant to make of that?

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Could be great.

FKA Twigs, Sam Smith, Charli, Pinkpantheress, Dave, Raye, Harry for the George bit, Dua Lipa, Lewis Capaldi, Griff, Shygirl, Self Esteem, Romy, Little Mix reunion and Bono.

Of course Fred Again… for the coveted Godrich slot.

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