How many people in your life do you think you could correctly identify from the sound of them sneezing or coughing alone?

Also, as a nice little fun bonus, how many people do you think could identify you from the sound of your sneeze or cough alone?


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I could definitely identify my mum’s cough cause I always comment that it sounds like a very unsatisfactory cough. Give it some proper welly, Mum!

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Good time signature, that.

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Q1. Girlfriend and my dad, maybe my mum.
Q2. Dunno

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Depends, if I’m at home or work I’d be able to work out anyone. If it was a lab controlled thing where an unidentified person from my life was behind a curtain and I had to work it out I’d not do as well.

Which scenario were you talking about?

What if it was a gameshow hosted by bradley walsh?

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I’d rise to the challenge I reckon

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Would you be willing to bring this up with her in a conversation or via text message?

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that I think this would be a good programme.

One. If my ears are ringing then it’s her.

I bring it up to her every time she coughs.

Falls on deaf ears I’m assuming?

Often paranoid that people can identify me by my sneezes. I do this thing almost every time where it’s

sneezesneeze… … … … SNEEZE

Still yet to give it more welly in the 29 years i’ve known her.

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I’m not sure that I could recognise anyone by their sneezing.

But literally everyone I know can recongnise me by my sneeze. Always 7 quite quick sneezes, no one says bless you until the 7th.

It’s quite annoying for me, and probably for everyone else too.