How many people read this site and how famous are we?

Probably loads and very.

probably not many and not very


I googled what I imagine is a common question yesterday and the first link was from this site

“do birds have teeth?” ?


You should know what makes your fridge go colder by now


It was related to a grill

stewart lee
caitlin moran


It’s true that I have been recognised at least three times in the street from being “from the internet”


sarahispi posted a band in the What’re You Listening To Now thread the other day and complimented them, and they basically complained about it on their facebook page, the pricks.
Conclusion: some people read it.

How many doors does your house have?

really? I might have a look at it.

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yeah please can you link to it fopps

Aye it’s on the thread

bandcamp tells you where all your clicks come from

Still read it mind
Also only total berks would bother monitoring that all the time

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it does stand out though when you get something unusual. it’s mostly facebook posts you’ve made, or direct links you’ve posted. if ' appeared you’d definitely be like ‘buh? wuhssat’

Don’t know about famous, but someone here posted a link to an article about my work earlier this week.

That sort of all feeds into my point though that our posts likely have a wider consequence than we realise

yeah no doubt. loads of people i know come here occasionally to look at classifieds, etc. but would never dream of posting in social

Still waiting on the My Vitriol lawyers to rock up and close this cesspit down.