How many people will be at your funeral?


I think somewhere between 5 - 8 people will attend mine.

Have you planned yours already? You never know when you might die!


Dunno. Usually 3 or 4 blokes on a bin lorry aren’t there?


Dunno mate, depends when I go innit.

Harvest my organs and do what you want with the rest, I won’t give a shit will I


I’d aim for 40


For someone who does no real exercise is pushing 50 and is miserable a bit too much of the time I should probably give mine some thought.

Perhaps we could organise each other’s funerals on here.


If tomorrow probably somewhere in the region of 20-30


The only thing I’ve sorted out so far is who takes over my Facebook account.


cba having one tbh


When I turned up at my grandads funeral considering he had 1 living relative outside his wife and children/grandchildren I was expecting 15 people? About 200 were there, was mental.

I reckon 300 would turn up for mine.


might put on a buffet to try and up the numbers


Oh don’t be daft, we’re neeeeeeever getting rid of you. Have a nap.

  • 0-10
  • 11-25
  • 26-50
  • 50-100
  • 101-150
  • 151-250
  • 251+

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All of you guys will come to mine, right?


I will be there as part of the internet usage coalition with representatives from google and wikipedia, yes.


I dunno, but I have a feeling that it will be a bit like Thatcher’s funeral, with about 75% of people I encountered over the course of my life rejoicing, and the other 25% in a ruddy, bloody brave solemn state of grieving.

I will also insist on a state funeral.


What do you want to happen to your body?

  • Buried
  • Cremated
  • Dont care
  • Other (pls specify)

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Reckon i might donate mine to one of those forensics farms.


10 max


Face down in a canal pls.


As I shall be in my coffin clutching a winning betting slip, it doesn’t matter.
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