How many people work in your office

/ building / company?

About 90 in the UK office but about 30 are home based. Somewhere between 500-1000 around the world, not too sure.

Used to work for a company with 100,000 employees, that was a biggie

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Office - 24 (although if theres half in at any one time that unusual)

Building - ~300

Company - ~2200

3/20/3000 (the date (American) our dark lord will rise)

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In this building, maybe two or three hundred. On this site, maybe seven or eight hundred. For the company in this country across their sites a couple of thousand. Then there’s sites in Dublin, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, India, China, Australia, France, Canada…

I work on my own at home, and I have no idea how many people are employed by anyone I work for. Got really good comms with all of my people I touch base with regularly though, which is good.

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Including butchers (franchise) and cafe staff, there are 16 in this store and another 4 in the other one.

  • 7 in my little room
  • 1800-2000 in the building
  • Over 10k as an organisation

Office - 100, I’d guess, was recently around 200

Company - 5,850 according to Wikipedia but I’d guess around 3,500 now

I think you are allowed to include yourself.



My office = 1 (home based)
UK office = 112 (plus maybe a dozen of us remote workers)
Global = 554
Parent company = 21,000

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  • No, he’s a fool

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It’s ok - we can do the math.

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I work at home
About 25 people for job A
About 12 for job B

I assumed that you weren’t counting yourself because you’re on DiS a lot

Oh you went out for dinner last night?
How many people were there?


You went by yourself?

No, one plus me.

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Office: 9
Building: dunno, maybe 70?
Company: 9

Including you? You need to specify.

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Does the building count as a person