How many Personal Identification PIN Numbers/codes do you have to remember?

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Work credit card
  • Work document filing smart card thingy
  • Phone SIM unlock
  • Work phone SIM unlock
  • Work security card code


Sub-thread: what are each of those numbers?


Bonus sub-thread: how do you remember them all?

Mostly I remember arithmetical relationships between the numbers in the code. For my security pass I remember the pattern on the keypad. For the document filing one I’ve got a post-it note on my monitor because I’ve run out of brain space for PINs.


debit card
NI number

is that it? i think that’s it. have two numbers at work (individual and company identification numbers but have never had to memorise them)

i struggle remembering one of the two 4-digit security codes i need to know too




debit card
credit card (don’t remember this one)
internet banking passcode


would you like like my mother’s maiden name as well?


Already got it tattooed on my arm, thanks.


Just my debit card. Use my fat thumbs to unlock my phone these days.


Debit card
Credit card
Bike combination lock
Phone unlock code
Voicemail for phone
Voicemail for work mobile
PIN for work desk phone
Security number for bank account

I think that’s it


The low security ones are just significant dates. The higher security ones (e.g. debit and credit cards) were given to me by the bank. I guess I just remember them.


Debit card
Bank app though the fingerprint thing on my phone suffices most of the time

My mum gave me her card and pin once to get some money out, it made me forget my own pin for 4 days, pressumably muscle memory is easily overwritten