How many personal identification PIN numbers do you have to use on a typical day?

  • personal phone (but normally use the fingerprint sensor)
  • work phone
  • work laptop encryption thing
  • work smart card for filing documents
  • if I was going into the office, my security card PIN
  • possibly any of three bank cards, but not really daily

They’re all different


You gone all in on retina scanners? Smart

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Online banking
Security box for house key

dunno, but work have setup 2 factor authentication for everything so anytime I try and log into anything I get a text message and code and the “do not do this for another 60 days” thing seemingly doesn’t work and it is ANNOYING!

Online banking
Work bank account

  • All of mine are different
  • All of mine are the same
  • Most of mine are the same

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On a typical day, <1:

  • I tend to use the fingerprint unlock for my phone
  • Work phone has a passcode rather than a PIN
  • It’s rare for me to withdraw money from an ATM
  • There’ll be occasions where I’ll need to buy something in person that’s over £45 but that’s not a daily thing
  • all my passwords for work are a combination of letters and numbers (and in some cases, other fancy symbols)


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I too like to include the Prince Love Symbol in all my passwords

The Password Formerly Known As Admin

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My initial reaction was none, but i had to do my phone one to get here.


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