How many phone numbers can you remember?

Inspired by @grevioustim

How many phone numbers can you still remember without looking them up and what are they for?

I’ve got 4:

My mobile
Mum & Dad’s house
Our old house in Portsmouth (we moved out in 1993)
Hendon Football Club’s old number at Claremont Road.

This can be banal too for the rest of the dayshift if you want to go off topic. RTF is not compulsory.

Current mobile (2011-present)
Old mobile (??? - 2011)
Mum’s landline (about 1996-present)

and of course, the Live & Kicking number.




My mobile
Mike’s mobile
My friend Vicki’s landline ~1994-2008
My old house from when I was born until 2003
ah fuck I know one of the numbers for my workplace too

Live & Kicking

I can also remember the address of the Big Breakfast house and use the postcode when I’m doing customer training demos at work

My number
Parent’s home phone
Parents of two of my mates from when I was a teenager (same as my parent’s, except the last four digits)
Lombard Direct

I should have qualified this with “full length” :slight_smile:

Let’s think

My home number
My mobile
Mrs CCB’s mobile
Various extension numbers at work
Various phone numbers of best friends from school
Mrs CCB’s home number

My mobile
Parents house phone
Mum’s phone number
Grandparents phone number
An old phone numbers i often use instead of my real number for filling out forms

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tv’s mobile
tv’s parents
work (2016-)
old work (2011-2016)
old supplier’s number from old work job

Remember some of the SKU codes from when I worked in Asda bakery (left in 2008)—3008 is a white split tin loaf, 3996 is twelve finger rolls

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Oh and

0118999811999119725… 3

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Was this a made up number or for something specific?

An old old number that is no longer in use

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My mum is so old/Scottish that when I call her she recites the number when answering the phone. I know the number mate, I just dialled it!


Oh my mum does this a lot still as well. She used to answer her work phone with our home phone number half the time too.

surprised nobody responded with ‘that’s a lot of phone numbers’ tbh

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my mobile
my work landline number, but not my work mobile number
Hastings Direct

Mums mobile
Mums landline phone
Grandparents landline
The vets in the village I grew up in / my childhood friend James I haven’t spoken to in 13 years (only one number difference between them and would often confuse them when ringing to see if James wanted to play football)

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Didn’t expect financial companies to come up. Mind you, you’ve both just reminded me that Smile used to be something like 0845 THE BANK