How many pints until you get drunk?

Anything after 5-6 I’m a bit of a mess


somewhere between a lock and a wheen


4 is the sweet spot, maybe less if we’re talking sludge


4 is a good buzz. 5 is alright but that’s the point I should probably stop.

Often I’ll feel pretty sober after 5 pints when I’m leaving the pub. But then I won’t remember the walk home and will fall asleep as soon as I get home, possibly still dressed. Strange.

6 or more and I’m probably going to have a messy night and will probably be very sick the next day. Try to avoid this happening as much as possible.


impossible choice

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The thing i hate most these days if i get really pissed, i won’t just forgot the drunk part of the night will forgot everything from the like the whole day/evening

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Takes me an annoyingly high amount to get drunk, means i drink more than I should

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It’s the pub garden

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Cosy pub in winter is one of the best places


Yeah but i can get cosy at home, dont have a garden

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after 2 pints - lets go to a cool club
after 3 pints - lets go to a decent club
after 4 pints - lets go to any club that’s not 5th Avenue (or local equivalent)
after 5 pints - lets go to 5th Avenue
after 6 pints - lets bosh these and dance to the sound of the washing machine


Used to be 3 or 4. Couldn’t drink a whole pint now.

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Feel like it massively depends on the time of day, inside or outside, weather, what I’m doing.

I’m sure I wasn’t acting like it but at the test match on Saturday I felt absolutely fine when I was 7 pints deep. Other days I can be pretty merry off 2

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5th Avenue was a cool club, compared to Pulse in Stevenage

4 pints = drunk, but want to go home for a poo and a sleep because of all the yeast I’ve just consumed.

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lol found this

I don’t remember Kambar at all.

Feet First was the other night we sometimes went to when we were at school.

Kambar was amazing! Had a buddy who would go to Life almost every day. Soul Tree was pretty fun too, though the crowd could be a bit scatty depending on the night.

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Depends on the strength of the beer I guess. I’m going on a 5% average here.

It was the one you had to go up narrow stairs for wasn’t it?

Also as they’re naming club nights at the Junction, I’m surprised they left off Good Times.

And I’ve got so many memories from Boogie Wonderland