How many plectrums are in your house?

I have 9 of them.

Probably about 30, all of which my brother bought me when he gave me my acoustic guitar.

I’ve used precisely one of them.

how long ago did he give you them? last week?

3159 days ago.

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how the fuck have you not lost them yet?!

Easiest things to misplace ever

I’ve only ever used one. The others are in the packet inside the box the guitar came in.


they’re not great with acoustic guitars tbf

About 20 that I could find, but probably a billion in trouser pockets/back of the sofa/under the bed/under the floorboards/etc

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I am a really shit guitar player and have never got remotely good at using a plectrum. I just wedge it between the strings when I put it away and then take it out again when I get it out again.

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loads. As a stocking filler a few years ago, that gnome bought me a plectrum puncher too, so I’ve made loads out of credit cards and suchlike


About 15-20.

I’ve got a couple in the pocket of each pair of trousers

I’ve got a nylon guitar and I don’t strum it all that much.

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oh yeah I had one of those, good in a bind

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At least ten of varying thicknesses.

I also have four Dunlop 1.0mm plectrums in my jeans.


should just strum with your fingers anyway like hold your middle finger like a plectrum, much nicer sound

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About two dozen, including a “Taylor Swift” one.

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I reckon somewhere between 50 and 100.

I have a bunch of my own branded ones because I am so cool/lame.


Yeah Mrs F clearly felt that 30 unused plectrums wasn’t enough so she bought me one of these as well.

So I also have one unused plectrum made out of an old credit card.

also fun presenting loyalty cards that have plectrums cut into them