How many Scottish counties do you think you could correctly name and locate on a map?

Or Council Areas whatevs


Add +3 to your score

70%. Fucked up the Lothians and Clackmannanshire.

Also 70%. Didn’t notice the massive box at the top right until it flashed red.

74% and a few missed clicks. More Scottish than the Scots.

40% in 5 mins, generous tbh, it got fed up of me and told me all the answers

Does help I’ve been in or through most the central ones in the last couple of weeks.


Given how hard that was to click correctly on a phone screen I’m fairly satisfied

Pinch to zoom

Questions were asked.
Certain parties weren’t happy.
The questions were solved.
End of discussion.
All right?.
Don’t rake up old graves.
i don’t want to go through all that again – whether he’s a Vulcan or a human or vice versa.
All I will say is what I said at the time.
Look at his ears.

Played through the app


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Happy with that. A couple of misclicks because of the phone as well.