How many shots do you reckon it would take you to finish a 3 par golf hole?

Be honest.

  • Decent chance at a hole in one
  • I’m pretty good, I’d back myself to do it two
  • I’m good for par
  • Give me one extra for leeway
  • It’s going to take a couple more
  • I need at least three or four extra to get it in
  • I’ve never hit a golf ball, let’s just assume fucking lots

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What’s a 3 par golf hole?

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wii golf was good

A hole that a competent golfer should finish in three shots

Oh ok. I will vote accordingly.

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Generally happy if I play double bogey golf but normally steal a shot back on the 3s and lose them on the 5s.

Depends on the length, size of the green and if there’s water though so I’ll say 5

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did pitch and putt a few times before I lost my arm, but now, one handed it would probably take all day to get it near the hole (ooer)

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I reckon if you were offering my prize money to hit it in no more than four, I’d have a chance of success. But only a slim chance

I’m gonna say 5 shots. I could get it in 3 and it not be that big a surprise, it’s happened a decent number of times, but I’ve also lost several thousand golf balls in my time, so really anything could happen.


Straight into the trees and/or water, repeat until
I give up in disgust

i reckon 8. at least 5 putts

Very much dependent on the tee shot. There’s about a 20% chance that goes well and punts me 100+ yards up the fairway, in which case might get down in about 4 from that point. More likely the tee shot shanks wildly in to some filthy rough, and then we could be looking at double figures.

Never played a round of golf but used to go to the driving range quite a bit and am decent at mini golf so gonna say…7

The last time my GF and I did the par 3 course in a park in Stockport I did 12 x 3s and 4s 3 x 5s and 3 x 6s.

A couple of those 3s involved missing pretty simple putts for a 2.


Statistically par 3s are harder for amateur golfers to do well on than par 4s or 5s

A good walk spoiled, and a sport so filled to the gills with Tories actively using exclusionary privilege it’s unreal. Lob the club at the windows.