How many slices do you cut your pizza into?

  • Six pieces
  • Eight pieces
  • I am a member of the 1922 Committee

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  1. 4 slices




I just dive into with a knife and fork. No slices


Oh, I could never manage 8!!!
^ A quality joke worthy of saying every time you have a pizza.


Eight, UNLESS it’s one of those pathetic personal pizza things (i.e. I’ve made a mistake when ordering), in which case four.


Come on pal, this isn’t a place for jokes.


fucking hell


Quite often I just tear bits of pizza off, don’t even slice it


Six but I feel like it doesn’t define me in any significant way


Cut random squares out of the middle


Always done it, ever since I saw a Ristorante pizza advert with two people using cutlery to eat frozen pizza whilst sat on a bridge


Going to have to mute this thread, it’s making me angry already.


*Scissors and fork

  1. my mate was doing pizzas the other week and brought me over a 4-slicer. I sent it back




6 if home made or shop bought

If it’s in a restaurant, I’m free styling with my cutting


Hands down the best frozen pizza money can buy


always dripping in slime maaan


Usually 6, but maybe 8 if it’s a BIG ONE.