How many slices do you cut your pizza into?



If it’s just me then I like to cut it into lots, so eight. If it’s me and thee bf then I’ll do quarters.

That’s just false…primarily because frozen pizzas are never dripping in slime. A more coherent criticism would be to refer to it as “dry”.

Main motivation for 8 is because I find 6’s difficult to visualise/cut. Can’t judge properly where to make the 2nd slice you see so by the time I’m finished you get slices of unacceptably different width. 8 is no problem.

Exactly this.

4 slices.

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This is very upsetting.


I mean when it’s cooked man. maybe I’m doing it wrong, dunno

Could be worse

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FUCK. YOU. I work with students who have learning disabilities and their cutting skills make me scream inside. Thankfully I’m allowed to shout at you as you are an internet person! :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: On topic, I used to do eight slices but I got mocked for this and am very sensitive to criticism so now go for four and hope I’ll fit in.

The fuck is that effort

It’ll be fine, you can just rip the rest

Are you covering it in slime before you cook it?

I used to think you were cool.

No you didn’t

No, I didn’t.

(I’m re-reading Sex Criminals before vol 4. Haven’t packed it for the flight tonight though)

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Oh Sex Criminals, it’s never got back to the high of the first volume, but it’s still sooooo good.

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Actually think that first volume might be one of my all time favourite books/“books”.

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I’m having trouble visualising it but I think it’s 8