How many soups are there?





Too many


There are five soups

Tomato, Oxtail, Chicken, Pea & Ham and Other


Three. Orange-ish, chunky, and green.


Tea is a soup


just a soupçon


Like soup in a pot we are what?


Is soup food? I’d argue it isn’t


More of an experience, really.


One. And then a lot of souperflous nonsense.


I’d just like you to know that I liked this post by accident, but on consideration, I don’t dislike it enough to now retract my like.

Good day.


Coffee is also a soup


Can you save everybody some time and take this to its inevitable end game of cum is a soup, please?


I was just going to post a meme of it but I don’t want to google it at work.


French Cheese and Onion


What’s wrong with chicken soup? Are you all antisemites or something?!?!?!?!?!?


What’s the difference between a stew, a broth and a soup? Is there one? Who could care about such a thing?


Stew: Cooked with big lumps of stuff still in it when presented
Soup: No big lumps of stuff. You can’t see through it to the bottom of the bowl when presented
Broth: No big lumps of stuff. You can see the bottom of the bowl through it when presented.


Toast: warm bread