How many spheres can you see from where you are sitting?

I can’t see any!


The top of my french press plunger, that is all.


A model replica of the Solar system (8) NO PLUTO

*not to scale

Actually, I guess I can see the world. 1.

Am I allowed to take my pants off first?

Unless you keep ball bearings in there you might want to get yourself checked out.


More like bare ballings!!!

If you are in a room can you see the world? What about if you are in a car park?

Can u make it a better place? For you and me and the human race?

Table tennis ball: 1
Coat stand: 11 (one is missing)

Reckon I might be winning?

I’m off to buy a shitload of maltesers.


but I’m standing up?

The world is an oblate spheroid.

I think the flat earth theory has been debunked mate

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sent to dray-ay-ay-ain



You think the Earth is less of a sphere than the balls on a coat stand? NO!