How many steps do you do a day?

I’m averaging 11,110 a day for the year (as if it couldn’t be one more!)

Pretty pleased with that, although it is literally the only exercise I do (if it can count as exercise at all)


Less than 10,000 on average. But I’ve changed the target on my phone to 100 so it’s stopped criticising me and instead keeps telling me what a hero I am


My boot scootin’ baby is drivin’ me crazy, my obsession


Completely depends. I have my Fitbit target set to 12500 but I’m not hitting that at the moment. Here’s my last week


Was hitting bout 11K week days and 15K or so weekends. Cycle to work and back now though so…maybe 8K a day or thereabouts.

Dunno, I own a Garmin that can be used to track this and I also have a health insurance package that would provide me with rewards for doing the amount of steps that I almost certainly do every day however I inexplicably fail to combine these two things.

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Just “H”.

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It does count as exercise, but not cardio. Try doing some of it at a faster pace to get your heart rate up and you’re reet :+1:

Well the steps are a combination of morning commute (about 5,000 in itself), then a stroll to the shops at lunch, then less of a walk on the way home (I commute home on a different route because I don’t go via nursery). So the morning half is already pretty brisk. Oh, and there’s some table tennis in there too.

9,286 a day average according to Fitbit - but that only really takes into account the three days a week that I work, I barely go out the rest of the time :flushed:

Doing far less than I used to because I live in the Netherlands now, and you cycle everywhere, like even from the fridge to the sofa.

Gotta love a bit of the ol’ stats

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H and Faye, not at the same time

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11 replies, three are about the musical group Steps.

That’s 3 elevenths.

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dunno m8

I’ve lost count

how would I know this??

do you have to own an apple watch?

No, there are other step counters. I got one for about £20 off Amazon, works fine.

Averaging about 16,000 at the moment which is not bad given that I am currently not working and don’t really have to leave the house at all except to go shopping once a week.

Have done at least 10,000 steps a day for the last 15 months or so

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