How many steps do you do a day?

Here’s my last week’s worth. Try and spot my two days off!

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Dunno. 5? 6? 7? 8?

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Can’t believe @littlebirds beat you to this joke TBH

On a day where I just walk to/from work, it comes out at about 8000-8500. At my old place it would be over 10000 but I somehow managed to move closer to work?!?

But it’s quite good because if I have a couple days where I do something else and then a busy day at the weekend my monthly average will be 10-11k/day.

(All I did yesterday was go to the supermarket, and I left my phone behind - so I did 241 yesterday - whoops)

My phone has a step counter but I don’t tend to take it to work. Think it’s not great on workdays though, probably around four or five thousand. Try to make up for it on the weekend when I’m usually around the 20,000 mark. PB is 37,181 in Yossmite.

About 12,000 - walk to work most days, bit of running.

Most in a day about 32,000 when on hol in Croatia - a busy day at a festival gets about that too.

Averaging about 9900 according to my app. Phone dies quite a lot though so probably a bit higher.

Hopefully moving further away from work to get it up.

I changed my target from 10000 to 15000 when I used to walk 3 miles each way to work but… hardly ever reach that now.

According to my Fitbit:

That’s too many

My fitbit died. But before I was around 8k, thanks my Dog.

I’ve upped and upped and upped since I got it. 10,000 wasn’t getting me enough calories, so I upped it to 12,000. I do a twenty minute walk before work and a 45-ish minute walk at lunchtime. I do my best to go way above the 250 steps it recommends every hour, and when I get home I’m chasing after a toddler.

If I didn’t have weight to lose it would be too many, but if I was in one of those plane crash situations where the group had to resort to cannibalism otherwise they’d starve because there was no other food, I’d still be a little bit worried.

My count has gone right down since moving to NL, did you find the same?

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My mate found when he was pushing his daughter’s pram none of his steps registered because his wrist remained in the same place and so never had the movement to count a step, I imagine it’s the same if you’re cycling, right?

Well cycling isn’t stepping so it makes sense, but yeah, I’ve had a similar experience when rolling something along and not having any steps registered. Very annoying.

If I’m pushing the buggy, my fitbit counts it as “outdoor bike”.

Yeah I steadily lost weight over the last year or so as I was walking an hour each way to work and back, but I seem to have got to the point where this isn’t really an effective form of exercise any more - I guess it makes sense as I was previously carrying around the equivalent of a 25kg weight everywhere I went, but now that’s gone I’m burning a lot fewer calories.

Need to find a new form of exercise now as I can’t be arsed to walk two hours a day if it isn’t going to make any difference, plus I have now listened to All the podcasts.

Have now become a step counting wanker bd

How do I become a step counting wanker Eric? Would like to try