How many tabs have you got open on your phone right now?

got bored at 13

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The Kier Starmer Story


Tabs I have open

  • Recipes
  • DiS on other tabs I forgot I had open
  • Word definition looks ups
  • Clothes I’m considering buying
  • More recipes
  • An interesting twitter thread my best friend sent me that I haven’t got around to reading yet
  • LOTR Two Towers countdown clock for film club
  • Books I’m considering buying /taking out of the library
  • Autostraddle
  • Recipe blogs

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You know when it’s more that 99 and it shows this. It’s almost permanently like that. Probably hundreds.


I used to try to keep it low and neat but I’ve now fully embraced chaos.

might have closed this tab, actually

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Back atcha

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I have a tidy flap policy. It’s rare I’ll have more than 3 open. And usually the two that aren’t dis will be a recipe or long lefty article I keep meaning to read but never do.

Eeek, tab ffs


Just this one.


D&D stuff
Articles about books
School stuff
NowTV account page so I remember to cancel free trial before I get charged

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Tabs are like emails / desktop to me. If it’s open / in inbox / on desktop it means I haven’t dealt with it yet.

Then it gets dealt with. Then it gets archived / closed / stuck in a folder.

Besides my phone’s proper shit, don’t think I’ve ever had more than 3 tabs open

You might appreciate two of my tabs
Physics as Metaphor: The General Temporal Theory in “The Dispossessed”


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I’m not very good at dealing with stuff

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Covers these favourite categories of mine perfectly

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Was only thinking today how proud I was a few weeks back when a thread shamed me into the the 30s.

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2 too many

Just the 4

Now 1.