how many tabs you got open on your mobile browser?

To change, its chrome flags

Type or paste chrome :// flags in the address bar. Search for the Tab Grid Layout and Tab Group flags , tap on their drop-down menus. Select Disabled from the Tab Grid Layout and Tab Group options. Relaunch the Chrome for Android browser to get rid of the grid layout.

1, don’t understand why people ever have more.

when I got my new phone about two months ago, I decided not to have loads of tabs open and actually close them, not leave them there for months to look at later and never look at them.

currently have 40. that went well.

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11 groups. 82 tabs.

It worked!

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If you want something funny I feel sorry for you son.
I got 99 tabs and Great Things Posted On Social Media ain’t one.

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When you go over 99, doesn’t it show you a frowny face emoji or something?

Does it still work? Didn’t work for me anymore when I last tried it

Just the 7 for me. Usually have about ten times that, if not more.

What changed?

Must have went and shut them all. The process begins once more!


Good for you!

Positive steps.

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Mine reversed back to the old way which I didn’t want so I did the flags thing to make it go back to tabs and it worked

I think I’ve just come to accept that I’ll never have it under control.

Every now and then I’ll export a dumped list of the page titles and URLs into an archive doc and start all over again.


Probably breaks down into one quarter DiS threads, one quarter stuff that could be bunged into Pocket, one quarter superseded or now irrelevant, one quarter just needs a brief check and it’d be dealt with.

If I remembered to use Pocket more freely (and maybe have some basic tagging going on there), and changed my DiS settings so that any open thread automatically went into the ‘unread’ list for later reading (I think by default it requires you to read a few posts of have browsed it for a set time), I could probably have a good clear out. Might have a go later. Will leave this tab open as a reminder. :smiley:

please, please delete the endless tabs. it is giving me teh worriez

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No need, it’s fine.

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:smiley: many, all of which are very mich needed. I keep my most used ones in ablittle group though


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