How many teeth are you missing?

anonymous, for obvious reasons. clarification - if you have a broken down tooth that is less than 50% of its original size, then that is classed as missing

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missing tooth chat welcome

how many am i meant to have

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4 of my teeth were removed when I had a brace fitted because my mouth was overcrowded – nowt to do with rotting

there are no firm rules man. 32 is standard, but other numbers around this are not uncommon



oh, please take into consideration wisdom teeth

My upper left canine is still a milk tooth, because the adult tooth was laying horizontal in the gum and had to be removed, so I guess my answer is 1, although I have the correct number of teeth in total now.

(wisdom teeth have all started to come through but are all impacted)

Had the same thing done, because there was never any hope of my wisdom teeth fitting. My teeth are still straight and not had any trouble with the wisdom teeth, but instead have broken the same molar on each side as apparently they didn’t align the teeth right when I had the brace.

Can someone do a sub thread poll about wisdom teeth being in/out/awol? Bit of a faff on mobile

had to get back one taken out cos wisdom tooth was pushing it out quite painfully.

got another back one that’s undergoing the same thing and looks like it’s starting to go a bit black, i haven’t bothered getting it removed yet cos it doesn’t really hurt, but i really should.

got a few too many fillings though. teeth are a load of balls aren’t they? good argument against intelligent design, that. imagine god giving us some food chewing machinery that rot due to the ingredients of food.

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genetics have a lot to do with it, man. my mum has quite poor teeth unfortunately and despite all my best intentions, I feel my destiny is to lose a few more teeth over the coming years.

overcrowding is a big issue too innit. teeth constantly fighting for their optimum spot in the mouth = weak gums = tooth loss


i have put 0 but i haven’t got wisdom teeth yet so in a way it’s 4

0 but I’ve had on and off wisdom tooth problems for ages, hoping within the next year I’ll at least lose one of the bastards.

Had two wisdom teeth removed earlier in the year. Broke my front (upper) tooth falling off my bike when I was a kid. Getting the wisdom teeth removed was fucking horrible.

Two pulled at the top due to overcrowding and incisor with a humongous root that was growing at a perpendicular angle to the rest of my incisors. I kept that one after they pulled it. Still have it at my parents’ house.

imagine having such little hardship in life that a filling would embarrass you.


Back left wisdom tooth got destroyed by a good knee to the jaw after I’d been punched to the ground (didn’t deserve it [for once])

I reckon I have too many teeth. I’ve just counted and I have 33 including 3 impacted wisdom teeth that have no chance because I’m a small person in general and there is no room in my mouth for them to go anywhere

all of them :frowning: