How many times have you watched the film you've watched the most times?


And what is it?


Prob a new hope for me, must be 15+. Raiders of the lost ark and the bourne identity at 2 and 3.


Hmmm maybe big trouble in Little China, perhaps 15+ also maybe raiders of the last ark and Star Wars


Dirty Dancing, The Goonies, Big - probably 12-20 times each?


Hackers, Silence of the Lambs and Fargo I reckon i’ve seen at least 50 times each easily.


I’ve watched A Serbian Film over 500 times.


The wedding singer


Seen Cemtery Junction the most but dunno how many times


I reckon Jurassic park maybe or toy story - probs only 10 -15 times though


When I was about 15 I watched the Big Lebowski every night for about a month. Seen it a fair few times since then too, so probably around 40 times overall.


A New Hope approximately nine thousand times or more.


I’ve watched Christmas Vacation a lot and will watch it every year until I die. So hopefully on my deathbed it will be number 1.


Did you watch It Follows?


Probably The Goonies 20+
Plus I read the tie-in book four or five times


What’s the point in watching it again? Does something different happen the second time lol


Probably one of the ones perpetually on telly like About a Boy or something. No wonder I hate films really.
Estimated number: 4,000.


counting Independence Day and Men In Black as the same film cos when I was 5 it was bascially ‘the Will Smith Movies’. So, them, probably about 30 times.

Quite disappointing in retrospect that one of my childhood heroes is such a boring man.


probably Back to the Future for me, used to watch it all the time when i was younger so would have thought it’d be well over 20 times for that. BTTF2 is probably not far behind either.


Jurassic park about 50 times maybe, first saw it when I was 8


Home Alone, 10-15 times probably. Maybe Bugsy Malone and Blazing Saddles after that, around 10 each.