How many times have you watched the film you've watched the most times?

And what is it?

Prob a new hope for me, must be 15+. Raiders of the lost ark and the bourne identity at 2 and 3.

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Hmmm maybe big trouble in Little China, perhaps 15+ also maybe raiders of the last ark and Star Wars

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Dirty Dancing, The Goonies, Big - probably 12-20 times each?

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Hackers, Silence of the Lambs and Fargo I reckon i’ve seen at least 50 times each easily.

I’ve watched A Serbian Film over 500 times.


Seen Cemtery Junction the most but dunno how many times

I reckon Jurassic park maybe or toy story - probs only 10 -15 times though

When I was about 15 I watched the Big Lebowski every night for about a month. Seen it a fair few times since then too, so probably around 40 times overall.

A New Hope approximately nine thousand times or more.

I’ve watched Christmas Vacation a lot and will watch it every year until I die. So hopefully on my deathbed it will be number 1.

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Did you watch It Follows?

Probably The Goonies 20+
Plus I read the tie-in book four or five times

What’s the point in watching it again? Does something different happen the second time lol


Probably one of the ones perpetually on telly like About a Boy or something. No wonder I hate films really.
Estimated number: 4,000.

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counting Independence Day and Men In Black as the same film cos when I was 5 it was bascially ‘the Will Smith Movies’. So, them, probably about 30 times.

Quite disappointing in retrospect that one of my childhood heroes is such a boring man.

probably Back to the Future for me, used to watch it all the time when i was younger so would have thought it’d be well over 20 times for that. BTTF2 is probably not far behind either.

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Home Alone, 10-15 times probably. Maybe Bugsy Malone and Blazing Saddles after that, around 10 each.

Home Alone 1 and 2

must be well over 50 times in total between them


Oh yeah and probably Aliens 20+ times but usually only watched the director’s cut from when the marines wake up on the Solacco to when Vasquez and Gorman go out. So probably doesn’t really count.