How many times will you allow someone to spell your name wrong before you correct them

There is a new starter in work.

I have spoken to him briefly, he seems nice enough.

However every time he messages me on chat, he spells my name wrong.

It didn’t bother me at first, as there are two common spellings of my name, however, it’s happened enough times now, that I’m tempted to say something, but don’t want to be a dick about it.

How many times should I allow this to happen before I correct him?
  • 0, make your name spelling clear on introduction
  • 1, the moment it’s wrong, instantly correct them
  • 2, you’ll allow one mistake, but that’s enough
  • 3, you allowed two mistakes, but there’s a pattern emerging now that you need to stop
  • 4, it’s happened enough times now to be a pattern, it needs correction
  • 5, you’re a tolerant person, but enough is enough
  • 6+, it needs to happen for a long time before you do something about it
  • -1, you contact people you’ve never met to let them know how you spell your name
  • Never. It’s not a big deal. It doesn’t matter either way. They’re making a genuine mistake, and it makes no difference to you at all, so why are you complaining?

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I feel like the correct answer is never, but I can’t help finding myself liking him a bit less every time he does it and part of me wants to spell his name wrong in retaliation, but that seems very childish.

Since this board is so full of level headed, socially functional people, I thought I’d ask here.

Maybe I should message them with the correction at like 23:32 on a Sunday for added emotional impact.

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Well, this is a complex one for me because if the person is making the common spelling mistake (adding an H in) then it means they are referring to me by my full name which I hate so I’d be correcting that element instead

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Someone at a previous job called me Andy for months, responding to emails that have my name in the email address and footer, on zoom calls where my name was on the screen and I’d introduce myself as my name.

Never corrected him obviously


For people who know my name

  • I think Andy is a shortened form of it
  • I think someone reasonable could think Andy is a shortened form of it
  • That’s completely baffling/South brits at it again

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This has made me consider the idea of waiting for someone else to mention my name in a group chat spelling it correctly and respond with:

“Thanks for the info, but one thing… My name isn’t spelled ma0sm anymore, no, it’s maosm now apparently. Just ask fucking !”

It really bugs the life out of me when people use the more common spelling of my name, especially when I’m emailing cause it’s written there!!!

But to be honest, I worked a whole job for about a year where the company has misspelled my name on my EMAIL. I started off spelling my correct name in the signature but realised this made me look weird so had to start writing it with the incorrect spelling

I was young and not as mouthy as I am now.


This would have caused me so much emotional turmoil.

It’s Desc with a C actually


Oh great, another mas0m thread.


When someone does spell my name wrong, I do assume they’re arrogant enough to know that my spelling is not the correct spelling and that me/my parents must be mistaken

This happened a month ago with one of my Ukrainian workmates. Ended up taking HR 5 days to rectify it, and during that time he couldn’t access anything, not even sign NDAs. Basically was getting paid to do nothing because someone couldn’t spell a 9 letter Ukrainian name.


Find it absolutely incredible that people respond to emails with anything other than the name the person uses to sign it off.

Like it’s clearly the version they like to use, whether it’s the one you would use or not, and it’s their name so deal with it.

This is true for all cases except for when I accidentally signed an email off as ‘anus’


This is exactly it, this is the exact irrational process that’s going through my head. Not immediately, but now it’s happened multiple times, I find myself thinking like this.

I wear a name badge at work (great :+1:) and it’s scary the amount of people that add a T to my name that isn’t there. Just look at my badge ffs lads.

Same goes for email signatures

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Rich - TT




I’ve said that I’ll allow one mistake… but I sometimes get people calling me Mike instead of Mark in emails, and I don’t mind being a Mike, so I usually let that go.


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Actually, I’ve just remembered a more extreme version of this…

My fiance has a particular inflexion above one of the letters in her name. Whenever my mum mentions her in WhatsApp, she uses the wrong inflexion, and uses the same one every time. My fiance says it doesn’t bother her, but I can tell it does a little. Particularly when she sent us a wedding gift with both of our names on it, including the spelling mistake in my fiance’s name.