How many times will you allow someone to spell your name wrong before you correct them

How did you guess my favourite colour?

It’s insane to me!! It’s like “nah I’m gonna just write what I think off the top of my head” but it’s not my name???

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Annoying but I don’t care all that much. I think it depends on privilege though, like if you’ve got a name that’s a typical white person name and you’re chatting with other typical white people then it doesn’t matter if they get it wrong IMO. If you have a name that’s something more typical to the global majority then typical white guy needs to get it fucking right and not just be like, oh it’s hard for meeeeee, waaaaa.

I like having different names at times so if someone gets mine totally wrong and I don’t think I’ll be involved in a meeting with them and anyone who knows my actual name then I just roll with it.

I do have a pseudonym (or two) I use sometimes and once (I have definitely told this before) someone from the council emailed the real me to introduce me to the fake me to say we should have a meeting as there’s some crossover of interests and we could work together. Kept up the facade for a while emailing back and forth as if I were two different people but obviously the meeting never happened.


What about this scenario:

You get cc’d into an email conversation between your boss and a client. Your boss has referred to them as Mel in the emails but their signature says Melanie. Do you go with Hi Mel or Hi Melanie in your response

  • Hi Mel
  • Hi Melanie
  • Alright chief

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never. All the Jons and Stephens etc should blame their parents, I haven’t got time to remember all the fucking names mate!



Actually, I think this is the correct answer. It’s why the situation with my fiance and my Ukrainian workmate genuinely bothered me, while the case with me is more just me hamming it up for a fun thread on DiS.

Has happened to me a few times since moving to NL actually. My surname is one letter away from the word for morning / tomorrow, and sometimes my surname gets changed to Morning. Hasn’t happened enough times, or in a serious enough situation to be a pain yet, but that could potentially change.


I would like the surname Morning. Feels good for some hilarious 1970s sitcom-style laughs.

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I had an old boss with the same first name as @ma0sm who used to get really stressed when people got it wrong. But this was a VERY long time ago - pre email - where the consequences weren’t as significant. At the same time, the guy from the post room would come and delivery post to me, with my name written on the letters he was handing out, yet call me Richard (because having both a first name and a surname was a bit greedy maybe?)

I think it’s fair enough to correct it gently, even if it happens once. Because if it happens once and they don’t get corrected, then they start to think that’s how it’s spelled. But life’s too short to get stressed by it.

That said, if someone who annoys me gets it wrong (and it’s ALWAYS conflating my first and last names), my actions have ranged from completely ignoring their request to cutting them down to size with narky comments about attention to detail being required in the workplace, so perhaps I’m not the best person to be taking advice from

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nah, i make sure i always get the spelling right. it’s important when working with people with uncommon names, or names i am unsure how to spell.

amazing a person i used to work with was an insistence user of the “c” rather than the “k” for some reason. i was so sure they were doing it to irk me directly.

id rather someone told me it was the wrong spelling

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wait no - I used get the surname Orchid a lot too. Hasn’t happened so much recently. Thanks television nature programs for educating the public about the difference between a field of fruit trees and a type of beautiful flower.


someone messaged me on insta last night to ask what I thought about a new food hall opening

JFC, do people actually care about typos anymore :see_no_evil:


To be fair, on first read, I did wonder if “dulites” was meant to be “delights” before realising what was more likely. My ex was dyslexic so not sure if it’s because I got used to interpreting some spelling mistakes in a certain way.

That’s the most eloquent replying I’ve ever done on Instagram compared to my usual autocorrect/brain fog garbage.

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My name is Graeme so I have strong feelings about this.

I have two approaches at work. If it’s somebody I’m friendly with, no extra CCs in the email and I’m confident they’ll take it as a joke rather than twattishness, their “Hi Graham” will get a “Hi Steveham” or a “Hi Janeham” back in return.

More professionally, I’ve taken the view that I will respectfully point out an error after three consecutive Grahams.

The funny thing is that I feel like a wanker pointing this out despite the fact that my name is on the sodding email address and it’s a basic courtesy to use somebodies actual name.

Also I HATE making the same error (Claire/Clare, Antony/Anthony) and will usually make a point of apologising if I catch myself out.

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Melanie first, if they respond and sign off the email as Mel then pivot to that


That’s so obviously a typo and this guy is being obnoxious. It’s clear what you’re saying from the context of your reply, there’s no need to ‘check the spelling’ :laughing:


“Oh let me just stop you there - you made a mistake, do you see it? Awww. Glad I could point that out to you.”


Wouldn’t correct someone’s spelling but would correct their pronunciation. Although it is funny seeing people try to pronounce a non-white guy name in all sorts of manners (mine is just phonetic :smiley:) so sometimes I’ll give them a few tries because a lot of the time it’ll be different every time. Just pray they don’t put on an accent.