How many unread emails do you have in your inbox?

Not work inbox, personal one

50966 for me




they’ve all been read by the people who sent them I trust


12 in total. I was in the four figures at one stage but had a cull a few months ago.

29, because I started that Dracula Daily thing with high hopes but have not kept up. Going to delete them now.



Almost 5,000.

0 unread, 5 read.

If I get any junk/spam, I always open and unsubscribe. Means that staying on top of it is dead easy.

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Looks like I’m the champ so far


Can’t be having that crap.

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Personal: 1.

Burner account I use to sign up for stuff: 12,634 (nearly all from Bandcamp).

Had a big clean up recently because reached my current storage limit on google so its 30,554 on my main personal account but probably quite a bit more than that on my older personal one. When it stresses me out i just start a new email account.


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My oldest email is from 2004 when I was 14 and reads

hiya alex it person frm *old school * howz u iz evrifin k at *new school *? d’ya still lyk footy i ant seen ya 4 agez plz wb lv person x x x x x

0, any more than 10 and I get anxious.

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Deleted everything the other week as couldn’t be arsed with the nuance of going through them. Was pretty exciting. Don’t think anything important was lost. Would recommend.

4158 on my notifications

Another 1043 on an account that’s not on my phone