How many vinegars are in your cupboards right now?

Sherry is the best of the posh vinegars btw, get on the sherry

Spirit - put in the egg poaching water
Malt - chips
Red wine - mustardy salad dressings
White wine - vinaigrettes
Cider - chicken wing sauce
White rice - stir fries
Mirin - don’t really know tbh, probably stor fries as well
Balsamic - tomato salads
Sherry - hollandaise or any sort of mayo type thing, salad dressings

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Because you love me?

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White wine
Red wine

Also got some white vinegar cleaning stuff under the sink if that counts.

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Cider vinegar
White wine vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (with Mother)
Malt vinegar
Rice wine vinegar x2
White wine vinegar
Balsamic vinegar
Balsamic glaze
White vinegar (for cleaning)

Anyone ever bought one of those red wine stock pots? They’re absolute shite

Distilled malt
White wine
Red wine
White (cleaning)

And there’s a separate white cleaning bottle in the bathroom, albeit under the sink so not cupboarded, if you’ll allow?

this is one of those moments where you realise you are one of society’s outliers.

I have zero vinegars in my entire house and that will never change under my watch. absolutely blown away by some people stocking nine vinegars.

it takes all sorts to make a world.

Yeah but vinegar is good.

Balsamic for dressings
White for cleaning

Balsamic - for salad or roasted veg dressings
Cider - can’t remember why i use this
Distilled malt - only used this for descaling my kettle
Malt - for fish and chips
Red wine - multi purpose
Rice - asian food