How many windows does the room you're currently in have?

25 + 6 doors with windows in

Two windows, four panes. Only one opens.

Hang on, there’s one beside the door behind me too. Three windows, five panes.

There are some long thin windows along the far wall but they’re covered up with “8 Build” sheeting so it’s as if I’m currently in a basement.


Open plan office that occupies the whole floor of a shiny glass & metal tower.

Get counting.


7, 3 barred from the inside

One with two panes. I am also in bed.

42 normal ones + 5 doors with windows and 5 glass doors.

Wow, 42 is a lot. How big is the room?

Too big.

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two sash and case windows, four panes per window, eight panes total.

neither open. (painted shut).

  1. Only one opens.

Eh? That said 2. Dunno why it now says 1.

3 on the wall (unless your being pedantic)
perhaps one or two on the door but I can’t tell from here

i’ll maybe check if I remember when I next walk out

or i could ask someone across the room

Two panes that open and lock independently, so it could be counted as one or two, depending.

There’s also one of those glass panes above the top of the door.

So 2 or 3. Depending.

One. Home office in the loft (converted room), so just a window in the roof.

Here are the 3 windows. Hope you guys find this helpful.