How many YouTubers could you name?


I reckon I could manage two:

That’s it.

Not heard of these:


Jenna Marbles
Does charlieissocoollike still exist?


Dave at work uses Youtube sometimes.


Far more than a man my age should be able to.


Pretty much this


Jake Paul is the brother of the one who took the piss out of the recently departed. He’s kind of the good one because all he did was like trick children into gambling or whatever


Logan and Jake Paul
Ninja is on Twitch but surely must have a YouTube channel too
I watch two nice ladies called Maria and Meghan play penoid card games on YouTube sometimes but I don’t think they qualify as YouTubers as such.


troom troom? does that count?


A lot, i enjoy a drama channel now and again, the pettier the better. Don’t even know most of the people in them even. This is an actual guilty pleasure :pensive:


Oh I forgot about all those “perfect life perfect family” ones- can’t name any of them in any case


That’s just the sound a car makes


Jimmy Chew
Melissa Joan Mcartney-Shreiver
Dat Boi
Jake the Re-Un-Boxer

Am I doing this right?


This sort of thing


Lori Beers


The Haschek sisters, or something
Tekkerz kid
Thatcher Joe
Norris Nuts
Alfie Deyes (he makes my teeth grind with anger)

Think that’s all I have for the moment.


Is that the same thing as “Deez Nuts”? My colleague showed me a video of him (I didn’t really get it)


No, this is a mad family in Australia where the kids are named things like Sabre and Disco.


Kin ell


Claude from Arsenal TV
Angry Geordie
Shagmaster Theo
That bald UFC guy


Big fan of the Kevin Is In Jail video