How many YouTubers could you name?

Some guitar ones - but do they count here. I’m not sure they do

So just the girl who lives in Brighton and the nazi who lives in Brighton and the really awful one who did that awful thing in Japan


Kid just cracked 10M subscribers. Famous for giving away $1,000 to pizza delivery guys, spinning a fidget spinner for 24 hours and counting to 200,000.

Loads of British lifestyle people. All awful. Not as bad as the lot that try to sleep with children.

Edit. They’re not all awful. There’s a few who’s main thing isn’t selling stuff to kids but they’re rare.

My 70ish odd year old dad was chatting to my mate at my wedding and he asked my mate the following:

“Do you use YouTube, Andy?” - my dad

“I do indeed, use it for footy highlights and checking out music and so on.” - my mate

“That’s funny, I’ve never seen you on there.” - my dad.

I don’t think my dad ‘gets it’, bless him.


I saw a popular YouTuber at the pub the other day. He does battle reactments and talks about armour but he’s probably getting enough views to live off it.

Logan Paul
Jenna Marbles
There’s one on Strictly ATM who’s got with his dance partner. Joe Suggs?? No idea what he looks like, just know the name

Not what counts as a YouTuber I think but people who are known for their YouTube content: Geoff Marshall (the trains dude), Jonathan fucking Pie (ugh), Tom Scott

Jenna Marbles
Maybe ones that have been in the news for being racists

Love Jenna

Oh yeah, Anthony Fantano

Desus and Mero (RIP on YouTube)
Quite a few poker ones - Andrew Neeme, Teamneverlucky, Doug Polk, Brad Owen etc etc

The last 2 videos by NerdCity have wonderfully torn down Mr Paul and his tactics. One of the best channels out there at investigating aspects of online culture.

Alfie Dayes
Logan Paul
That bloke who had a fight with Logan Paul
That bloke who killed himself by driving the wrong way down a motorway

That one in strictly Joe (shuggs?)…ThatcherJoe (his sister is zoella who I couldn’t name off the top of my head but I’ve heard of her)

Do people who talk about specific topics (like Binging with Babish, Geography Now, Renegade Cut, etc) count?

youtubers I watch:

ZeRo (smash bros)
a miniatures painting channel that I watch for therapeutic reasons

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binging with babish always reminds me of @xylo

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Similarly, I basically only use YouTube to watch a couple of channels that are just commercial pilots flying planes between cities you never see to help me unwind. That or Bob Ross episodes

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Does @xylo also have a really soothing voice?

I don’t know, but he’s quite muscly from his photos (like babish) and I bet he’s got a peng kitchen too.

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this one does me, so so much


The guy who makes these is my absolute hero.