How many YouTubers could you name?


Does @xylo also have a really soothing voice?


dunleys skyrim mod video is something I go back to again and again.


I don’t know, but he’s quite muscly from his photos (like babish) and I bet he’s got a peng kitchen too.


this one does me, so so much




The guy who makes these is my absolute hero.


Wait, is a “youtuber” some dickhead 20 something who posts inane shit?

Or is just anyone using youtube?

i have loads of subscriptions to ASMR folk, video game peeps and shit, but no Youtubers, bar yer man Jamie Maserati.


I’d say typically someone who makes their living primarily due to their YouTube presence, regardless of age/subject.

Also includes those for who this is their medium term goal that they’re seriously working towards.


lots of cyclists
a few weightlifters / fitness people

think that’s it


Review of the Week guy
The Chicken Connisserur
Proguitarshop/ Andy
Aaron Paul


Reckon I’d make a pretty good YouTube celeb if I tidied the house a bit


Bamnan Does The Tidying Up

Sounds like a good show


I saw a sponsored post on Facebook for some awful gamer neckbeard prat. It was really grim cause he was going on about “the shill media” (referring to people who criticise gamer entitlement). Like, at least batshit conspiracy theorists talk about “shills” as people standing in the way of some barmy global “truth” and not some dumb shit to do with video games.

I swear sometimes, someone needs to chuck the Internet into a fucking bath


People want to be like “wow they’re just like me!” Right? So the more boring I am the better.

I mean I did upload a half hour vid of me staring into space but it didn’t take off


I thought about doing a Let’s Play of Microsoft Access once


I’m already subscribed Bam. Please do this.


got asked for the Zoella book working in Waterstones two years ago and had never felt so old as when i had to have them explain to me who or what she was.


The closest I could get is “that guy off Queer Eye whose name began, I think, with T”


Is this still available? Would genuinely watch


Off top of my head, and based on what the kids watch.

MMOs this is a couple who play Minecraft etc.
The F2
I ballistic squid
Ali A
Jake and Logan Paul although I banned them ages ago because they’re stupid. guys