How many YouTubers could you name?


Anthony Fantano

None others because that prick put me off YouTube for life.


Youthony Tubetano



Also @NoahVale
milk, no sugar please.


I mean literally nothing happens, I’m not exaggerating so don’t get your hopes up!


“nothing happens”

There’s the epic leaning back at 7 mins and you leave altogether at 16 mins! bloody action packed mate.


Logan Paul
Troye Sivan
Joe thingy
Zoella who might be Joe thingy’s sister?
Them twins
The two emo ones, one’s called dan. dan and phil?
arsenal fan tv fam blud fan
that shaw fifa twat




My own viewing:

Quinns, Matt and Paul from Shut Up and Sit Down

A Sprinkle of Glitter… I know her name but can’t quite remember it
Estee Lalonde
Sali Hughes
Susie Verrill
Bubz Vlog

Ones I just know mostly because of how annoying they are:
Stampey Longnose


It’ll have been posted in here somewhere


Estee Lalondes career is built on the theft of hundreds of millions of pounds of Kazakhstan’s government funds btw. Hospitals and roads didn’t get built.


Zoe London
Tyler Oakley
Laci Green
Alfie Deyes
Onsinion (by all accounts a total garbage person)
Antony Fantano/Theneedledrop

in my defence, I have a couple of friends who are semi-successful and failed youtubers respectively, so that’s the only reason I’ve heard of a bunch of these. including fucking ‘BriBry’


Alpharad and Introspektive are good, and the Beefy Smash Doods are great for technical stuff (reverse aerial rush, jump cancel up-smashes and all that)

Chuggaconroy did an epic Let’s Play for Xenoblade Chronicles that took two years or something, that was quality


Right, here goes

Russell Brand
Jeremy Corbyn
um… Channel 4 News?
Various banjo tutor blokes…



Big fan of Poppy. She writes all her own ambient stuff for her videos.


Ninja Kidz - the kids watch it. That’s literally it…


Might start doing one that’s just videos of my hands typing stuff with odd instrumental music on top. Why not?


Contrapoints and Hbomberguy, leftist nerd culture people

Dunkey, pretty much the only funny video game man who hasn’t managed to out themselves as a racist. Jim Sterling too

Know of Jake Paul and Zoella and that type of shite even if I don’t watch them. Honestly no different from yer Jordans and yer Monroes of another era. Know similarly of the alt-righters who made their bones through Youtube even if I’m not going to dignify them by naming them

Some more niche video game critiquers like Errant Signal and Btongue


New season of Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared soon!


Chappers and the Captain
Rabea Massaad
Dan Steinhardt and Mick Taylor


The Chicken Connoisseur.


Just the half a dozen or so that i watch regularly. But they might not be people that anyone here will have heard of - how many subscribers do they have to have to be called a YouTuber?