How many YouTubers could you name?


Wowow. Thanks for the heads up. Never cared enough to look into it, but I watched some of her boyfriends videos maybe 2 years ago (until they started turning into total transparent shills) and I knew something felt off about them and their ‘lifestyle’.


Philosophy Tube belongs with these 2 also!

Don’t know what it is but the guy creeps me out BIG time, but he does good work once I sort of got over that.


I think I saw HBomberGuy in Keswick Booths once.


Yeah I find Philosophy Tube creepy also! There’s loads in that circle though. Shaun in one of my favourites, me and Mrs like to have him on in the house because his voice is mega soothing and he does some savage burns without ever even changing his tone of voice, pure art.


Shaun is my favourite, sometimes like to put him on at .75 speed for extra relaxation

cuckphilosophy is another one who is good, although sometimes i don’t understand things he says


Glad it’s not just me then.

I’m also not sure if he’s up front enough about his ideological biases, which I think are pretty important given what he does. I mean I think he is but not 100% sure.


I like Shaun, though partway through his half-hour-long videos I’ll usually think “yeah, I do agree” then stop watching


big fan of this one of his


This is great, it’s like Falco does games reviews

Just absolutely lost it at the Hegel bit!


I’d only watched that video of his but thanks to this thread, I have another backlog to explore when eating lunch!

This one is basically catnip for me


Oooh, just remembered Brett Domino.


Surprised it took so long to get onto left Twitter.

Shaun is too slooooow for me really…also he rarely goes into any depth with his arguments; its usually just pointing out inaccuracies.

Hbomb is good…His output has slowed down recently, but he’s the best at deconstructing arguments. Contrapoints is the best for explaining things


I quite like Shaun’s takedown of CinemaSins just for the incredible slow paced tearing apart of something so shitty


i just use youtube to watch tennis highlights and tim and eric clips :frowning:


Watching this good video about whether Michael Bay counts as an auteur


jim sterling


Don’t understand why YouTube videos are so long these days


Think it’s cause if it’s over ten minutes they can get more ad revenue?


Oh right… I’ve got ad block on lol.

@guntrip’s post just reminded me that I recently watched a forty minute Lindsay Ellis video about disney’s Hercules, a film I haven’t watched in 20 years, and every second of it was spent thinking ‘why the fuck am I doing this’


Haha! I’m forever falling down YouTube rabbit holes- hate how well the algorithm knows me. YES I want to watch a video about the Bermuda Triangle followed by one about kinetic sand. Ffs