How many YouTubers could you name?


Who doesn’t spend an evening every now and then watching sand move?


Admittedly she’s talking about Michael Bay Transformers films, a specialist subject of mine.


Lindsay Ellis has done some great stuff

Her three parter on The Hobbit starts off as a standard enough video essay and then ends somewhere closer to investigative journalism iirc


I’m also a big fan of vine compilations


i like russian dash cam vids


does Nardwuar count as a youtuber?

I like Casey Neistat, think he’s pretty much the only person ‘vlogging’ who could actually be a decent film-maker/cinematographer if he picked that route instead. But YT suits his NY hipster mad scientist schtick

he also provides exposure to other non-vapid YTers like elle who is v creative with the form:

can’t hate this father-son duo who just have a good ol’ time sawing things in half:

also can’t hate the slow mo guys:

David Dobrik is my mortifying secret guilty pleasue. his vlogs are more like an ever-unravelling sitcom in that there’s a host of recurring mad characters and quite a lot of it seems part-scripted part-improvised. but its generally pretty entertaining and the episodes are all exactly 4:20 long (wey) so not a huge time commitment

had thought DiS would be a bit heavier on love for Bill Wurtz

conclusion: YT is just like everything really; a lot of shite rises to the surface but there’s probably something you’ll really like if you dig about


nerdwriter is really good actually