How many ziggy's do you know?

I know 2.

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Does a burger restaurant called Ziggys count? Urgent

Have you ever been?

Multiple times, yes.

then yes!

I have amended my vote accordingly


were there a whole rash of ziggys born in the 70s like there were rhiannons?

  1. It’s a horse.

You know he’s only callin’ 'cause he’s drunk and alone


I think both my ziggys are from the 70s (maybe one early 80s) so this stacks up

I know 3.

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I know one human and one cat.

Either of them called ziggy?

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  1. Cat. Dead.

Ziggy gave me hashcakes in fresher’s week and I basically missed the first week of uni. I don’t know him any more/ no idea what hes doing although i remember he got a first.
I know another ziggy now who doesn’t forcefeed me edibles. So I said 1 in the poll as I currently only know 1.