How many...?

This is a thread to quantify things. My ones would be:

  • How many sips are in a pint of lager? Guess: 18

  • How many drags on a cigarette?Guess: 12

crisps in a packet of crisps: 18


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  • Portions in a bag of Haribo Starmix: EIGHT APPARENTLY. Yeah right.


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More or less?

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rolos in rolos: 10

Hairs in an eyebrow (average human)

Guess: 45

There are more than 18 crips in a bag of crisps. Probably double that.

Nah, there must be hundreds. Some crazy guesses in this thread.


not a GRAB BAG a normal bag

I will have a packet of crisps later.

Shall I count the number?


Even then.

You can’t break the crisps to get to 36


18 sips in a pint? I’d say a sip is 5-15 mls. Say we’re generous and go down the tablespoon route (although I’d say that’s the very most a sip can be) then that’s 568/15 which is just under 38 ‘sips’.

5-15? a shot is 25 mls, you’re going to be sipping at least a shots worth. AT LEAST.

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Bears in a mini packet of Starmix (and nothing else) - 3 :unamused:

First pint: 5-10 sips maximum.

Second pint: 10-15.

Third and subsequent pints probably settle at 25-30 sips.

In a pub I used to work at, a friend and I were trying to work out that if you hypothetically had a sip of every drink you sold each shift, would you get shitfaced?

you probably wouldn’t sell that many once folk clocked you drinking them first

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Bu you can sip a shot - I do sometimes if it’s late in the evening and it’s a sambuca. A sip is a small mouthful but I never sip as much as a whole shot. A sip is different to taking a drink from your pint.