How messy is your desk?

Mine is getting a bit hectic


So many nice things! Is that the head of a brolly?

Haha yeah. She fell apart in a storm we had the other day.

They’re so cool, was considering buying it myself. Might not if it falls apart :scream:

Pretty messy, but it’s a big desk and I’ve got a clear working area so fuck it.

Very, but client confidentiality dictates that I can’t share a photo of it. You’ll just have to believe me.

not sure tbh, i think one is Ferris Bueler

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Absolute state tbh

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Pretty good.


have a +1 for the zelda cartridge

That actually makes me feel very unnerved.

Mine is an absolute state at the minute

Do you not find that Radox FOR MEN shower gel smells really musty?

That’s literally the most orderly desk I’ve ever seen you cunt. Mine is disgusting.

Dunno. Only ever use it when running in and haven’t done that in ages, will pay attention next time and let you know.

its actually a soap bar which i have no idea what to do with. do u want it


Personally think it’s a great example of a really pointlessly gendered product. The non-gendered ones smell clean or - god forbid - faintly fruity. That one just makes me smell like I did before I took a shower.

it is a bit

but it’s just a temp workstation. don’t have a regular desk.

Can’t decide what the worst part about this is, but I think it’s the fan in late october (just beating the teetering mouse in the background).