How messy is your desk?

Desk sitch

  • sit at the same desk every day
  • hot desk/various desks/depends
  • not on deskbook mate
  • i’m a self-facilitating media node

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Mate if you had an understanding of the absolute shambles that is our air-con system you would be in full favour of the fan

Well I guess it is Thursday



Same desk, but I work from a different office one day a week / fortnight, and WFH one day a week / fortnight.

Pretty sure the Double Cross is a Kama Sutra classic.

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Other: I get my assistant to bring in a different desk each day to the same office.

thanks for the info!

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Can’t quite make it out, but I think it says: “Thursday: Purchase feeble public access cable show and exploit it”


pint glass for the teetotaler.

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He’s such a pint-of-soft-drink type


pint of orange squash please mate, cheers

what happened with your (desk)job ruffdog?

how is your monitor not too high?

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They rang me last night to say there was no more work. I could’ve told them that, I was essentially stealing employment there anyway.
Better ring the agency today but might leave it til tomorrow to ensure a 4 day weekend :thumbsup:


aye, was hoping for a week off next week but booked til weds now and have someone asking after the rest of the week :disappointed:

My actual desk is clear, since we have a clear desk policy, supposedly so we all hot desk continuously (we don’t bother). But it is filthy, since I eat and drink really messily. Also my office chair, that I’ve dragged around through several buildings for ten years, is falling to pieces, so overall I’d say very messy.

Gave it a tidy up recently so not too bad


My desk is tidier than anyone else’s in this thread bar eric’s and it’s still way too cluttered.

Since I resolved to have a clear and tidy desk at all points I’ve basically become a fascist about it. If there’s more than a mug, notepad and calculator on it I get tetchy.